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Optivo – Kitchen & Bathroom Contract

CLIENT: Optivo
LOCATION: London, Surrey & Midlands
SCOPE OF WORKS: Kitchen & Bathroom Replacements and Major Voids
DURATION: 10 Years


In 2016, PiLON were awarded a 5+5 year contract for Kitchen and Bathroom replacements to Optivo residents throughout London and Surrey. In response to our successful delivery, Optivo extended the partnership for a further 5 years, 6 months prior to completing the initial contract. PiLON have worked proactively and responded well to all challenges throughout the process thus far; In 2018, Amicus Horizon merged with Viridian to form Optivo, almost doubling the number of properties within the contract.

This kitchen and bathroom renewal project oversees the replacement of c. 300 kitchens and c. 200 bathrooms each year, including aid and adaptation works, voids, wetrooms and other associated works. The properties are spread out over a large geographical area and in this next phase will include properties in the midlands.

One of the unique offerings on this contract is PiLONs Customer Portal and internal IT system PiLLAR, which integrates with Optivo’s IT system to streamline reporting. The Customer Portal is a bespoke application accessible via the internet. For residents who do not have an internet accessible device, PiLON provide tablets to each property to keep, free of charge. PiLON’s RLOs are trained Digital Champions and have helped and encouraged Optivo residents to get the most from this service, supporting Optivo’s drive to enhance digital and financial inclusion for residents. PiLON and Optivo’s joint application for Outstanding Approach to Tenant Involvement was shortlisted at the UK Housing Awards 2018.

As part of our long-term contract, we regularly review the partnership. In 2019, with assistance from 4i Solutions, we completed a 360 review of our working relationship. We organised a team building event at the start of 2020 which ran for 2 days and included representatives from all levels of both organisations. The exercises were specifically targeted to areas highlighted in the 360 review such as building further trust and improving communications. The event was hugely successful, and we continue to review and work on what has become a robust partnership between PiLON and Optivo.