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Meet MTVH’s Everton

Meet Everton! He is an Aldershot resident of Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH).

During our resident profile survey, we discovered Everton had sadly suffered several major strokes, leaving him with severe mobility and verbal communication difficulties. Upon our discovery, PiLON began to put in motion the extra support and care required to ensure he was comfortable whilst his kitchen was being refurbished.

By providing MTVH resident’s with their own personal tablets and access to PiLON’s Customer Portal, residents are able to use technology to swiftly report to PiLON operatives, through an accessible and innovative platform at any point throughout the refurbishment.

This technology-led platform immediately supported Everton’s communication needs. Having been guided through how to use the Customer Portal, he was able to use the tablet provided by PiLON to communicate successfully with our Senior Resident Liaison, Sarah Gillanders, and Jodie Lavender, Project Administrator; ensuring his questions and queries could be swiftly responded to. Both Sarah and Jodie ensured that extra care was taken during the install, carrying out extra visits to the resident’s property whilst works progressed, at all times making sure he was happy and comfortable.

Once the refurbishment was complete, the team returned to assist in unpacking his items into the new installation.

Everton is delighted with his new kitchen and at being able to communicate successfully with the team through the use of the Customer Portal, leaving him an extremely happy and satisfied resident.