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Extension of the successful partnership with optivo for the next 5 years

PiLON is building its success on developing partnerships with clients that deliver real value over a long period of time, easy to say you may claim! Well, the way we work with OPTIVO is one good example of how we do it. Evidence of the effective procurement process conducted by Optivo in 2015 are the long-lasting, tangible, mutually beneficial results for both partnering organisations.

We have worked with Optivo since 2016 delivering new bathrooms and kitchens to satisfied and delighted residents throughout London and Surrey. A key feature of this partnership is the smart interaction with the customers via the Customer portal supported by the free to keep tablet offered to them. In late 2019, the Core Group acknowledged the importance of an independent review of the project team’s performance and with the support from 4i Solutions, a partnership ‘health check’ was organised and the key members were interviewed. The results of the 360 review revealed the key improvement areas and just a couple of months later, a 2-day team building event was attended by people from all levels of both organisations. The exercises focused on the areas identified in the review such as building trust and improving communication and were considered hugely successful by both Pilon and Optivo representatives, a partnership vision was created and immediate actions agreed.

Throughout such an unprecedented environment, our team bond has grown stronger and we are delighted to announce that Optivo and Pilon will be partnering together for a further 5 years, as well as extending our coverage to include Optivo’s Midlands region.

The skills and technology of both organisations will be used further to improve the lives of the most important people, the customers.